Let the planning begin – two months till departure!

The flight has been booked for awhile, but this past weekend, I really dug in and started planning the trip.  You know – hotels, destinations, car rentals.  Usually, I tend to wait till I’m there to decide, but since my friend, Pat, is coming with me, I figured I’d better do a little planning ahead.

We fly into Prague on Friday–actually, I get in on Friday and Pat on Saturday.  The plan is to stay in Prague until Monday, then leave for Cesky Krumlov.  On Tuesday, we’ll take a bus to Linz, Austria, then grab the express train for Munich.  Once in Munich, we’ll rent a car and take a 2-3 days tour of Bavaria, starting south in Oberammergau, continuing to Neuschwanstein Castle (of Disney fame), then up the Romantic Road, with a few detours to some towns along the way, like Rothenburg.

After then, we’re heading west then south again to Eichstatt, in the middle of the Altmühltal Nature Park, then rounding our way back down to Munich.  Pat leaves on Monday, and I will head on solo to Austria.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

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